Thanksgiving Day Seven: For the Hands of God

The whole concept of being thankful and having gratitude is our heart’s way of giving honor to God, the creator of all.  Those of us who were grounded in some type of religious upbringing as children may or may not have the same religious identity today.  Sometimes the tenets of a church and religion challenge the faith of those raised by the strict belief and application of those tenets.  In rebellion, or in simple apathy, we find ourselves moving away from the religious strictures of the church of our youth.  We may flounder in search of the meaning of life, nirvana, or any other idea that will resonate in our searching souls. We often find various ideologies that resonate closer to our hearts than the religious upbringing of our parents or grandparents. 

We are all on our own personal spiritual journey.  We will forever be on a spiritual journey so long as we breath the air of this earth.  The journey is completed when we take our final breath. 

Whether we agree on “rightness” or “wrongness” of our parental introduction to religion and faith in our lives, we must give honor to those who provided some type of faith grounding in our past.  We are the lucky ones.  Imagine never being exposed to any discussion about God, about Jesus Christ or the idea of the Holy Spirit.  Imagine never being introduced to these concepts as a child.  It would be much harder as an adult to grasp the full understanding of such ideologies because as we grow older we become harden and cynical not allowing our left-brain logic to accept anything new, especially something of a supernatural basis.  However, if we were introduced in very early years then the concepts are not hard to grasp, after all they were part of our upbringing.  It now boils down to choosing to believe, choosing to grow beyond our childhood understanding about God. 

As adults we choose what we want to believe or not.  We choose to continue learning, we choose to obey or not.  Many times when life’s traumas become so difficult in our lives we take the step toward seeking God again because we know we no longer can do it alone. 

So on this seventh day of a Week of Thanksgiving we give thanks to those who were instrumental to introducing us to God in the first place, and to those that help us to understand the full magnitude of God’s glory in our lives today.  The more we choose to learn about God, about Jesus and about the Holy Spirit, the more mystery of life begins to unfold for us.  The more we learn – the stronger our faith.  The stronger our faith the greater our appreciation for all the gifts of this world.  The more we appreciate the more we are given.  What an incredible concept.  And to all you readers of my blog — I say “thank you” and be blessed! 

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