Thanksgiving Day Four: My Financial Flow

Money is a funny subject for most.  We all claim to want more then we have, but few of us truly appreciate what we have right now.  The mentality of “not having enough” is exactly what is repelling more good, in this case money, from coming to you.  Until we can sincerely appreciate what we have in our possession right now, and this includes all that you may have in savings and retirement accounts, along with the cash on hand, we won’t be able to attract more.

Few of us actually take the time to give God the gratitude HE deserves for providing what we have.  We cry to Him that we need more.  But even fewer of us abide by what scripture declares about giving back a tenth (or tithe) to where you are receiving your spiritual food.  You have the final choice to follow the Laws of Prosperity, of which one major Law is the “giving back piece”, or not.  No one is going to force you to follow the law of giving and receiving.  Unfortunately, until you finally get to the point in your life when you give up being selfish and start giving, will you see the abundance of receiving begin to really manifest in your life.

I do not plan to sugarcoat this issue.  You want more money or abundance — you are going to have to move to a place of trust and just start giving.  AND… you are going to have to give from a spirit of love and appreciation.  If you give grudgingly and then complain about it – don’t bother giving it in the first place.  You need to open your heart to love the giving, for the receiving to come easily and abundantly to you.

Look at it this way.  If you gave a very special gift to a dear person in your life (maybe your wife or son or parent) and they received it but never acknowledged the effort you did in giving them the gift — how quickly will you be willing to continue giving to that person the next time?  You might give reluctantly but in the back of your mind you’re going to wonder whether this person is even going to say “thank you”.  If they fail to appreciate the second time around — will there be a third???  Pretty likely not.  Understand that this works in the spiritual world, as well.  God is the one who gave you the skills to do the job you do.  God provides the opportunity for work and for income.  He provides with financial windfalls to those who appreciate and say “thank you”.  So if you want more in your life do two things:  (1) be grateful– purposely out-loud grateful for all that you have, be it a small bank balance or a large one and (2) give back God His ten percent.  That’s it.  Do this and you will start to see changes in your financial future.  Don’t do it and continue the same route your on now.

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