Thanksgiving Day Five: My Beloved Family

Giving thanks for the family you have can be a challenge for some, or it can be the easiest of things to do for others.  Whether your family falls into the first category or the second, the truth is that when we give thanks for each member, those relationships will begin to change.

It may be easy to express your love and appreciation to your family members or it may not.  In either case, expressing prayers of gratitude and love for your family members will dynamically change the relationship.  This is particularily true if you have a sibling or parent or child that doesn’t fit your model of “ideal”.  Our attitude toward that person may be obvious to the rest of the world and you can bet that person knows you don’t think too highly about them.  Your tone, your words, your actions all may say “go away, I don’t like you”.  If you want to see the relationship change YOU are going to have to take the first steps in the change process.  The easiest way of seeing change is to pray to GOD thanking Him for the health and good welfare of this person.  Expressing love and gratitude for this family member is going to start changing the friction between you.  Don’t believe it?  Why not try it for 30 days.  Pray for the welfare of that person each day.  Give them you blessing in prayer.  Watch and see what happens.  You will be amazed at the changes that will begin to transform the relationship you have with them.  You don’t have to tell them you are praying for them, just do it.  I love to talk about shooting LOVE ARROWS to those that we might be in conflict with.  

If that family member is gone either through death or just faded out of the picture of your life, you can still do this exercise.  If the relationship was left strained before their passing or their leaving, you will get a feeling of lightness by doing these prayers.  Your perspective will begin to change the picture you have in your head from a negative one to one of forgiveness and compassion.  After all, your peace of mind isn’t completely yours until you’ve forgiven those that have hurt you in the past. 

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