Embracing Change

With the start of a new year we all look forward with optimism in our hearts that the new year will be the best one yet.  The possibility of greater advances in your life are definitely possible.  But those changes need to be met with an open heart for good expectations. 

I just read a story of a man who was forced to retire at the age of 70 from his position as a speech and drama professor in a private college in the Midwest.  Instead of grumbling about this door closing, he chose to accept the change and looked at what he could do to continue his affiliation with his beloved school.  He applied for a job as the gymnasium custodian and was hired on the spot.  Now you could take the attitude that he was forced to make a downward move.  You could grumble that he now had to accept a cut in wages.  What you will have lost sight of is that he loved to work.  He loved the school and he had more then enough in savings, pensions, and social security that he didn’t NEED to apply for the job of custodian. 

He chose to do this so that he would continue to give value to the school and to keep himself active and stay in connection with his social peers.  He gracefully looked at what could have been sour lemons and turned the opportunity into lemonade.  How many of us look at life in this manner?  If you have an attitude of gratitude toward life’s gifts and challenges both, you will agree that this man took an opportunity and turned it into something good for himself.

Life does present changes.  All the time.  Most change is done through no effort or desire on our part.  It just happens.  It’s what you do with these “unanticipated changes” that will determine your level of happiness or grief in your life.  I had major changes overturn my life several years ago.  I would never have imagined what I was about to undergo.  But I have a faith that God will never desert me.  I have a faith that allows me to know He will get me through the worst of situations coming out fully intact.  Because of this faith I have not only survived several years of great loss but am thriving today.  Today, I welcome change.  I don’t let it overwhelm me.  I know that the change is for my benefit.  I know it will turn out for my good.  Having this ongoing mental attitude of good expectation, I will always have the best come from any situation. 

When you are immune to allowing change to overwhelm you, you dance with delight in seeing what each day will bring.  Whatever it brings will not disturb you.  I can attest that this is a great way to live.  No change is unsurmountable.  No change has the power to overwhelm or swallow me up in feelings of sadness or depression.  Do I not have such moments?  Yes, but they are just that –only moments, not lifetimes of grief and sorrow.

If you’d like to experience this same level of optimism and have a shield of protection from the world’s challenges the answer is actually pretty easy.  Having faith.  Practice your ability to have faith.  Make that your New Year goal, your promise to yourself.  Increase your level of faith.  Increase it by building relationship with the Source – God.

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