Don’t Forget

The following is taken from the Daily Devotional: Our Daily Bread (  Beware that  you do not forget the Lord, Your God. (Deuteronomy 8:7-18)

“I don’t agree with those who rail against material things and say that owning stuff is inherently evil.  And I have to admit that I’m a consumer–often tempted to pad my pile of treasures with items I think I need.

“But I do recognize that one of the dangers of owning a lot of stuff is that it can lead to spiritual loss.  The more we have and the more we feel as if we have all we need, the more prone we are to forget our need for God and even our desire for Him.  Yet, ironically, everything we have comes ultimately from God, who ‘gives us richly all things to enjoy’ (1 Tim. 6:17).

“Sadly, our enjoyment of God’s provisions might just mean that we end up loving the gift and forgetting the Giver.  This is why, when God was getting ready to give His people a life full of bounty in the Promised Land of good and plenty, He warned, ‘Beware that you do not forget the Lord your God’ (Deut. 8:11).

“If God as allowed you to enjoy material abundance, remind yourself where it came from.  In fact, all of us, whether rich in this world’s goods, or not, have much to be thankful for.  Let’s heed the warning not to forget the Lord and praise Him for His abundant goodness.” 

Love the Giver more than the Gifts!

I love this day’s devotional message.  How true this rings.  When life is great, when things are going so well we want to shout to the mountaintops we forget to thank the One who provides it all –God.  Even when life is “uneventful” and some might even say “boring”, as in nothing is happening– we forget that that sense of security and comfort should be considered a gift from God.  Life can easily change to shake up our worlds so quickly.  Yet, do we praise Him on a daily basis?  Do we thank God for the small comforts of our everyday existence?  We should.  We need to if we want to continue to experience that wonderful level of comfort and peace in our lives.  This world is designed to challenge our equillibrium, to challenge our peace of minds.  So when when life is good, or not so good, we need to turn to God and thank Him.

Our thanks opens up the door to greater good.  It opens us up to receive God’s bounty.  Dear reader, this is the secret.  Having thanks for all that exists in our life as it is today.  Not tomorrow, not lingering in the past of yesterday, but Today, whatever Today looks like.  When we are grateful to our Today, God puts forth a path for happier tomorrows.

So right this moment take a minute to close your eyes and say “Thank you, Lord, Thank you.”

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