Be Thankful

“We should spend as much time in thanking God for His benefits as we do asking Him for them.”  St. Vincent De Paul

Taken from May 11th entry of A Daybook of Grace. “Which comes first–the gift, or the spirit of thanksgiving?  Common wisdom says that we get the gift first, then we say thank you for receiving it.  While that is true, some gifts will never be recognized or received without a spirit of thanksgiving.

“How many people sabotage the blessings in their life because of the crummy attitude?  They are dissatisfied and disappointed–and let the world know it–despite a plethora of gifts from God and others all around them.

“All of us can be thankful for the many things God has done for us.  But there may be deeper levels of spirituality–even more of His nature and goodness–that we can experience through the attitude of gratitude.  Have you said thank you to God today?”

It is so easy to focus on only those things we feel disappointed about, wish could be different or eliminated from our lives.  We let the negative stuff overwhelm all the good in our lives and as a result appear to be ungrateful for all the good we seem to take for granted.  Is it any wonder why life keeps throwing annoying little rocks at our windows?  When we focus on the minor irritations of life we shift our focus to only the negative.  Guess what keeps coming back in our lives —the negative.  There isn’t one human being walking this earth where there isn’t something that could be made even more perfect.  If we all walk around with visible scowls on our faces than none of the beautiful surrounding, none of the beauty of the music and song of the birds, none of the fragrance of the flowers of life will be appreciated by us.

We each individually make the decision to focus on the irritations –the imperfections of life or refocus our attention to the beauty and the good around us.  Taking it a step further and thanking God for the life He has given us is the only way we are going to change the crummy attitude that we’ve allowed to prevail our lives.  Do you want more joy in your life.  Then stop complaining, appreciate the beauty of your surroundings, and thank God for all you have in your life (even those irritations).  Through the attitude of gratitude will you change the mindset and the visuals you are currently living with.  Ever wonderful about those folks that always seem to be perpetually happy?  It’s not because they lives are easier then yours.  It’s because they made the decision to focus on the good, the positive and on gratitude vs. staying stuck in the mud puddle they might have originally been in.

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