An Attitude of Gratitude

It seems that when life throws us the most difficult times, when we least expect another disappointment, this is the time we hunker down and pray for God’s help.  Sometimes our prayers are answered in just the manner we wish to see them.  Other times our prayers are not answered immediately but later (sometimes years later) we find the answer.  But, do we ever go back to say “thank you, dear God” for answering my prayer?  I think we would all find it rather impertinent if we did a favor for someone and they didn’t even bother to say thank you.  Why should our failure to say thank you God be any different?  When you express gratitude for everything in your life, deem it good or bad at the moment, you open up the channel of good to receive more.  After all, aren’t you inclined to do a favor again to someone who shows their appreciation for your efforts.  God is no different.  HE wants to know you are grateful for what you already have: your good health, your family and friends, your well-paying job, the home you live in… Making a habit of daily gratitude will keep you in great graces with God.

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