A Pane of Glass

This morning as the eastern sun was streaming into my living room windows I was reflecting on how we often see the world.  Many years ago when I sat in my master bedroom in a different house, in a different state, my window also had panes of glass.  I realized that if we looked at only one small pane of glass, with the exclusion of all the others which offered a full vista of beauty, we would miss so much of what the real world offers.

This concept hit me then as it did again this morning.  We often see only what we see in front of our noses and think this is all there is.  How limiting and blindsided we can become when we look at the world through one little pane.  The pane I was focusing on only viewed a neighbors automobile and the color and glass of the vehicle.  I didn’t see the gorgeous large trees that sat in the background.  I also could not see the beauty of the blue sky and the soft puffy clouds.  I missed the flowers and greenery that sat in the forefront of the vehicle.  I missed all the beauty of nature that I am surrounded with in my home.  All I could see from this one pane of glass was an old red car and only small amounts of the vehicle at that.  It hadn’t been washed because of the rains we’ve had over the last several days so the car wasn’t exactly gleaming its best side.

But I thought, if all I focused on was this old car and saw nothing else of the full window vista (which also has its own limited views), and thought this was the whole world outside my window, I would be missing so much.

And yet, isn’t this how we often view our world?  We are only exposed to a very small pane of life and think the rest of the world is as sad as what we might be seeing just at that point in time, in that location, in those circumstances.  We fail to realize that we are NOT seeing the bigger picture and the bigger picture is awesome!

We sometimes allow the circumstances of the moment to color our vision to narrow our world into a small limited pane of glass.  I challenge you to experiment with this idea of the pane of glass.  Understand that life really is beautiful.  God’s natural world is filled with gorgeous vistas.  Our limited viewing is like looking through a small pane of glass and thinking we see the whole world.

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  1. Basquillo says:

    Truth! Universal truth. Love this.

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