The Gift of Grace

What exactly is Grace?  The dictionary defines grace as (1) a pleasing or charming quality, (2) an elegance of manner, (3) a sense of propriety and consideration of others.  In a spiritual sense it is the free and unmerited favour of God shown towards man.  As we approach the season of love including Christmas day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, and new year’s day when we seek renewal in the new, it is a good time to consider grace in our lives. 

What does grace look like when we encounter it?  I believe that grace is a quality that is shown in a quiet and unassuming manner.  It is doing a kindness or behavior without all the fanfare of “look at me and what I’m doing”!  It’s all about the Doing of the act without all the attention to the Doer.  Do you get what I mean?  Yes, it is a wonderful thing when we do an act of charitableness for another.  But there is something more graceful about it when it isn’t announced to the world about how great we were because we did this charitable act.  There’s nothing wrong with letting others know of your actions, but are you doing the act because you truly feel compassionate towards those it is helping or are you doing it so you look good in the eyes of the world? 

I believe acting in grace is when the intention is focused outside yourself.  When anonymity is more pursued then announcement.  There is a certain degree of quiet elegance when you do kind acts or thoughtful actions because you have the heartfelt desire to see others enjoy the outcomes of your actions.  When it’s all about them and not about you.  If you are this type of person I believe you are a graceful individual.   I also believe that this quality of grace is part of your everyday way of being.  You don’t have to announce to others who you are.   They can see it from your day-to-day actions and encounters with them and with others.  If you are this type of person — congratulations.  If this doesn’t quite sound like you but you’d like it to be you, then I believe it can be pretty easy to become of person of grace.  It’s a conscience choice to live in grace.  It’s a choice to let go of the constant focus of “me, me, me” to the awareness that others are just as important as you, and in some cases, even more important than you.

What I find fascinating is that when your meet a truly graceful person that quality exudes from them, making them very attractive — and I do mean physically attractive.  That is the power behind being graceful.  It emanates from the inside to the outside.  So if you want to be more beautiful to the eyes of the world practice being graceful.

The Dynamic Laws of ProsperityIn my definition of grace was the spiritual understanding that we are provided unmerited favour by God.  This merit is provided when we accept Jesus as the son of God and we build relationship with God.  When this relationship is nurtured and allowed to grow in fullness we are provided with an increasing ability to see the Grace of God in our lives.  What am I talking about??  I am talking about being able to see miracles occur in our lives everyday.  For those of you that have become regular readers of my blog you know that the entire intent of this blog is to help you to become stronger in relationship with God and to allow that Grace to manifest in your lives.  What greater gift can there be in your life then to know that all you desire can be yours if your relationship with God is strong and binding.  To know that HE will always protect you from harm no matter what is going on in the outside world.  This is the truth behind the words found in the song Amazing Grace.

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

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  1. Lowell Nunlee says:

    merry xmas!

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    Great post, really. Thanks for this!

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