The 5% Solution

Part of having an abundant life is having and maintaining a healthy life.  You cannot enjoy abundance if you are suffering from pain or distress in life.  The following is a 5 percent solution to good health as written in 1928 for the congressional members of our country.  At that time the death rate of congressional members was about 20 per year.  Dr. George W. Calver was brought in to find a solution to this alarming situation.  The following was his solution, titled the Ten Commandments of Health, and was provided to each senator and representative that come to Washington DC.  It’s a simple and wise set of instructions and one I would advise is still very accurate to this day.

1.  Eat Wisely

2.  Drink Plentifully (of water)

3.  Eliminate Thoroughly

4.  Bathe Cleanly

5.  Exercise Rationnally

6.  Accept Inevitables (don’t worry)

7.  Play Enthusiastically

8.  Relax Completely

9.  Sleep Sufficiently

10.  Check up Occasionally.

P.S.  Give 5% of your time to keeping well.  You won’t have to give 100% getting over being sick.

If we all took these simple steps to heart we would have less stress and a higher quality of life.  But how many folks actually follow such sensible steps in their lives.  Instead we eat foolishly, we get very little sleep, we exercise irrationally if we exercise at all, we spend more time in worry then we’d care to admit, and we give very little consideration to relaxing properly.  If we PLAY, we play combatively and if we drink it may not be water at all!  It’s no wonder we feel tired, depressed and totally out of sorts.  We’ve allowed our lifestyle to become our downfall. 

In the article that I found this “down-to-earth” formula, the writer spoke of his 100 year old mother who lived by the 5% solution.  As the author noted “she understands prevention and the common sense that goes with it.  She walked great distances, eats well and never smoked.”

If you, dear reader, are concerned about your longevity (how long you might live), your quality of life (how well you will live) and avoiding rising health care costs and treatments (how financially stable you will be) then review this list and pick just one where you can take baby steps to improve on.  Doing even one of these ten steps will make a difference in your life. 

Here’s to your good health and an abundant life!


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