Releasing to capture the dream

The concept of releasing is probably one of the most difficult prosperity laws I sometimes struggle with.  In her books Catherine Ponder writes about the need to cleanse our minds of fear.  Thoughts of scarcity only leads to more thoughts of lack and loss.  Letting go of  a scarcity state of mind  is key to allowing amazing things to manifest in your life.  The laws of attraction work in attracting what you continually think about and place your focus on.  This can be a positive thing or a negative thing – the mind makes no distinction.  So if you are thinking about how awful you feel, that your health is never good – then you will continue to draw more health problems as a result.  The Dynamic Laws of Healing by Catherine Ponder is an excellent book on this particular subject. 

I have also studied the Abundance Course offered by Lester Crane and Larry Levenson (  Under this technique I learned a very simple but effective method of letting go of “needing approval, needing control and needing safety”.  These techniques help to let out the anxiety or anxious feelings that sometimes hit when we feel we are being “threaten by another” or if we feel “out of control” or if we start to create illusions of poverty or lack in our lives.  I sense that there are a lot of people today that are truly struggling with these types of issues.  The first time I tried the Releasing Technique I was amazed to find that $100 showed up within a 48 hour period just as the facilitor promised it would.  That sold me on the idea that releasing works.

I want to give an recent example of how releasing helped me get something I’ve been wanting for a while.  I was awaiting a refund check from the IRS and had been waiting for this check since April.  About two weeks ago I finally realized that I was trying to force something to happen about this matter.  It was already November and I could not get any answers from the IRS whenever I contacted them about this refund.  I finally released the idea of the check and decided that I would talk to my accountant in early 2010 and we would tackle the issue then.   Well guess what!!  Less then a week from the time that I had released this refund check from my mind it showed up in the mail!  And to add to this wonderful surprise – it was in an amount even larger than what I was expecting to receive.  Do these techniques work – YES THEY DO.

As I mentioned before this is one I struggle with because, while it is a simple process, discplining the mind to accept it can be a real challenge.  But like anything else practice does make perfect.

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