God Hears Our Prayers

“A farmer who lived near London during World War II wrote to the Scripture Gift Mission requesting prayer that no bombs would fall on his small farm.  He enclosed a five-shilling offering.  He explained that his harvest had been awful, and he didn’t have enough money to bring in water for the parched crops.  He could not afford another setback without losing his farm.  The secretary of the mission wrote back and said he could not ask that his farm be spared but instead would pray that God’s Will would be done.

“Soon afterward the largest bomb in the German arsenal hit the man’s farm.  The impact was so big that it unearthed a spring.  The spring not only amply watered his farm, but also enabled him to share water with his neighbors.  And the next year, he enjoyed an abundant harvest.  He sent a fifty-pound check to the mission as a thanksgiving offering.

“Thank God for unexpected blessings.”

This story is so telling in that we often cannot see the blessings God has in store for us when we see only the immediate “disaster” of the current events being played out in our lives.  We can’t see that what is happening now and its possible painful experiences may be leading us to an incredible new life.  A changed life with such abundance we can not even imagine it possible.  That’s how God works.  What he asks of us is to have Faith in Him and not to give up hope when it appears He has NOT answered our prayers, but in fact has put even greater pain into our lives.  Without the pain the new cannot be born.  It’s very much like childbirth.  Without the pain of birth a new small beautiful life cannot be. 

After experiencing three very difficult years of what seemed like neverending challenges, including losing my spouse, my home, my beloved pet, my thriving business and my health, the outcome has been fantastic.  I’ve never been happier.  But I also realize that I could not have gotten to where I am today without all the series of events that I had to go through to get to this amazing place.  My faith got me through all the tough times.  I could have easily chosen not to believe God was really there for me and taken a much more crooked route.  I could have chosen to drink myself into a stupor each evening.  I could have chosen to let the series of setbacks throw me into a serious state of depression.  I could have chosen to fight with filing lawsuits over what appeared to be unfair treatment.  I could have chosen a lot of other more damaging and highly toxic routes to deal with the pain of loss.  But I chose to believe God would hold me up during the complete time and circumstances I was going through – never giving up on HIM.  I can honestly say I feel God has vindicated me for all the pain I have had to go through.  Why the pain of events in the first place, you ask?  Maybe its because God needed to close those old doors to open up the new ones.  And maybe I had to be put through the test of Faith for God to know I really was completely HIS.

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