Divine Justice

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everything in life was always just.  Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone above the age of two that hasn’t ocasionally felt life was sometimes unfair.  Some of us walk around actually feeling like we are targeted for unfair treatment.  It seems that if something could go wrong, it invariably does go wrong.  Needless to say, if this person is you I would venture to guess that you are not exactly walking around with a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye. 

In fact, I would probably guess that you might even have friends and family that avoid being with you because something always seems to happen to mar the day when you’re around.  I hope this isn’t you.  But sometimes we do go through periods in our life when it sure feels bad being you.

Ralph Waldo Emerson stated “It is impossible to be cheated by anyone but yourself”.  How can Emerson make such a bold statement.  That we, ourselves, are responsible for the unfair treatment we encounter?

In her book, The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages, Catherine Ponder addresses overcoming injustice using the example of Joseph from the Old Testament, who experienced the ultimate injustice in his life.  Yet, despite being sold by his brothers into slavery, being cheated of the promise of marriage to his beloved by a cruel and manipulating father-in-law, being imprisoned for a crime he never committed, and spending many years in bondage, Joseph never lost hope and did not spend time complaining about the injustices he underwent.  Joseph knew that he would see justice in his lifetime if he just kept believing in GOD and knowing that GOD would take care of him. 

To quote Catherine Ponder, “If you think you are being unjustly treated by relatives, friends, employers, or by your government, invoke the activity of divine justice.  This is the most enduring reform which you can apply to the situation.  When you are in doubt as to the right thing to do in seeking justice in your affairs, ask that the eternal spirit of justice come forth into the situation and reveal to you that which is your own good.  Then accept the results that come, whether they are what you personally expected or not.  Justice works in mysterious and surprising ways.. 

“Conversely, if you are tempted to criticize and judge others, declare:  ‘I no longer condemn or find fault with others.  Neither do I belittle or condemn myself’. 

“When you affirm divine justice for yourself and others, you become more loving.  You refrain from all manner of criticism.  You keep your eye fixed on the good.  Your mind thinks more clearly.  You develop a more kindly disposition.  In fact, a wonderful renewal of your whole being takes place.”

I believe that Emerson’s comment of our creating our own injustices stems from the fact that we see personal affronts in the actions of others.  If this sounds like something you struggle with and would like to see more divine justice in your life I have included some wonderful affirmations that will help draw positive divine justice into your life.

I use my imagination to see only the good, and I reap a rich harvest of goodness.

I am at peace because I trust Divine Justice to regulate all my affairs now.  I have faith in divine justice and I now trust it to set right every condition of my life now.

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    There does seem to be the case for feeling much injustice around us in this world. Sometimes its hard to believe that even in biblical times there were figures that REALLY experienced the sense of the word.

    Catherine Ponder’s words have always been comforting and healing because they allow us to remember, that we also have a voice in it, and it begins with affirming the injustice be dealt with, so that we do not become unconscious victims and attract more of the same.

    We have a choice :).

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