Change your Perpective – Change your life

I just finished participating in my Making A Million Look Small class on-line and heard some incredible teachings from Bob Proctor.  If you don’t know who Bob Proctor is I would encourage you to “google” him and learn more about this amazing man.  He started from nothing, got no more then a couple years of high school education and has made himself into one of the wealthiest men around.  His abundant mentality turned his life into one comparable to Napoleon Hill who wrote Think and Grow Rich, a primer and classic for anyone who wants to succeed in this life.

In today’s lesson Bob spoke and provided us with a slide created by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith.  It is a three-step strategy for staying in control of your life regardless of what happens in your life.  This strategy is one that I have followed and it is so impactful it WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE if you apply its wisdom.

Bob added a visual of a straight line: 

 BAD __X_____________IS________________X____GOOD

   The IS is any situation in your life.  It is what it is.  How we FEEL about the situation (as represented by the X on the line) is what power or energy we designate to it.  If the situation is preceived as BAD – your energy is going to spiral to low feelings, low expectation, depression may set in, we in fact develop the scenario that will lead us to FEAR.  When FEAR happens we can become sick, we lose motivation, we may even turn to behaviors that are more damaging to ourselves then we can even imagine.  However, it is NOT mandatory to look at the situation and automatically tag it as BAD.  If we challenge our normal paradigm of how we look at the situation it will change completely.  Here is the 3-step strategy offered by Rev. Beckwith:

“Whatever happens look at it as an Opportunity.  Ask the question What GOOD will come from this?”

1.  It is What it is — ACCEPT IT.  Either it is going to control YOU or you are going to control IT.

2.  Harvest the Good.  The more GOOD you look for, the more you will find.  God is the GOOD and GOD is GOOD ALL THE TIME.

3.  Forgive All the Rest.  Forgive means to abandon, to let go of it completely.  JUST LET IT GO — and the GOOD will GROW.

Dear Reader, I can’t begin to tell you how applicable and real this concept is.  I have been applying this in my life for quite a few years now.  This spiritual law has literally saved my life.  My life today could be one of complete devastation.  Experiencing losses on everyside of life (home, spouse, money, career and health) all at once, actually over a six month period, I could have gone into such a downhill spiral so low that I would have never recovered from it.  I knew from my past life history that such losses could cascade me into such depths of depression and grief that it could take years to recover completely.  These serious losses were the biggest and most impactful then any I had ever experienced before.  BUT, because I had just a strong faith in GOD and knew about this belief system I have literally risen like the PHOENIX from the ASHES. 

I made the conscience choice to look at the entire series of events and call it “a blessing”.  I looked to GOD with the expectation that only Good was going to come from all of this.  And guess what — GOD made it all good.  God has provided me with an incredible peaceful, joyful abundant life.  I worry for nothing.  I am secure in all areas of my life.  Did it happen all at once.  NO.  But, over the last 2 1/2 years my life has turned into a wonderful joyful experience.  Do I still have lots of challenges.  Yes.  But, the difference is I KNOW that GOD will resolve those challenges easily without my having to worry or become fretful about it.  GOD ALWAYS COMES THROUGH!

So, dear readers, two things I want you to consider.  First, put more time each day to talking to GOD.  Keep that relationship strong.  Build your faith each and everyday.  Secondly, if you want to know more about this amazing program of study I am taking look at the side bar under “RESOURCES” and click the “Making a Million Look Small” icon.  Check it out.  Invest in yourself.



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