New Experiences in Eternal Life

This post is in hope that those of you who are struggling with the death of a dear one can find some measure of heart peace with this passing.  No matter how or when the ending of a life happens those of us left behind suffer the worse from a loved one’s death.  I want to quote a wonderful passage from Catherine Ponder on this subject and hope it will bring some level of peace in your heart.  This passage is called:  New Experiences in Eternal Life:

“A businessman became quite upset when his only daughter was killed suddenly in an accident.  He felt that a cruel fate had cut her down in the prime of life.  He felt cheated, defenseless, bitter, and rebellious.  Instead of realizing that his daughter had apparently completed her life cycle, in spite of her youth, and had gone on to another phase of eternal life. he grieved, bitterly dwelling on his tragic lost.  Within a year he developed cancer.  Within two years he had passed on, too.

“His wife was then left alone, having lost both her daughter and husband within a few short years.  To all appearances, it seemed a heartless situation.  But this woman had learned of success attitudes and knew how to face death, so that it could not defeat her.  Though she loved and missed both daugther and husband very much, she realized that the soul of man, created in the image and likeness of God, has the power of choice to come into this world and to leave it, when the unfoldment of the soul warrants such changes.  Thus, what seemed a sudden, premature death on the part of her daughter, was in reality SOUL CHOICE.  It was definitely not the cruel action of blind fate or a supposedly “vengeful God.”

“She also realized that her husband had not emotionally released their daughter.  By nourishing a feeling of loss, by soul choice, he had followed their daughter into the next plane of eternal life.  With this realization, the wife has been able to release them both and begin building a new life for herself.  It has not been an easy adjustment, but this woman realizes that her first responsibility is to her own spiritual, mental, emotional and physical unfoldment on this earth plane just now.

“Of all the hard conditions man has to overcome in the business of living, rising above the loss of a loved one through death is among the greatest challenges of all.  But it can be met victoriously, when you realize there is no death, only new experiences in eternal life, which come when the soul of man is ready for them.

“As in all situations involving human relationships, it is necessary to loosen up emotionally, let go and let God work for good in His own way.  Someone has said that when you take the “u” out of “mourning” it becomes “morning” – a new morning for your loved one in another phase of life, and a new morning for you in your present life experiences.  Grief must give way to the new dawn.

“A phrase I heard years ago has helped me through many changes in my life experiences: “Welcome change and call it good”.  It applies to all phases of life.  Your good is often reborn through unexpected changes that come into your life, almost in spite of yourself.  What you may at first be tempted to look upon in scorn may be the good being reborn into your life and affairs.  Welcome change and call it good.”

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