“FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1)” 

I have a small plaque that sits on my office shelf that quotes these words from the Bible.  How prophetic are these words that apply to all of us.  Even if we are not connected to a spiritual relationship with a higher power (GOD) we do live with faith every single day of our lives.

Think about it.  We assume (or have faith) that the lights will go on when we click the switch.  We assume (or know) that when we purchase a new electronic toy that it will work for us when we want it to work.  Do you question that the high def flat screen television you just bought will work when you turn it on.  Do you doubt or question the validity of the cable system or the satellite floating in space will allow you to see the multiple channels of viewing each day?  Do you know that the contact list on your latest cell phone will provide you with the telephone numbers you need to contact your friends and family when needed.  Do you question or doubt that the internet will be easily pulled up when you want it?  No, we have full faith that all of these gadgets will work.  We don’t need to know HOW they work we just KNOW that they will work. 

So why is it so hard for us to not realize that the creativity and “brains behind the idea” was God-given.  Why do we not see that the forces of nature that we take for granted each day are not the power of their creator.  We challenge and doubt and try to rationalize with our “simple minds” and question and debate if there is a God and how God works in our lives.  It is almost laughable that we are so simple-minded or blind to not be able to discern God presence everywhere around us. 

Where we really have the challenge is in believing God knows us or hears us.  We live in doubt and in faithlessness when we believe we have to go it alone, when we don’t turn to GOD in simple asking to perform bigger things in our lives.  We want to hang onto the thought that WE are our own Supermen and Superwomen.  Come on– get real. 

Our Faith in God, or if you choose, the Universe (for God IS the Universe), is the difference between struggling to make it on our own (choose worry, fear, despair, loneliness) or walking in Faith with God (choose joy, peace, love, abundance).  Ok – what is your choice — DUH! 

I believe that the majority of the world’s inhabitants believe in God.  I am NOT talking about religion here.  I am talking about Faith.  It’s the subject of religion that creates the greatest conflicts among the inhabitants on this earth.  But that’s another subject for another day.

I believe that the key difference between those that experience joy and happy lives versus those that continue to struggle is how much faith they are actually professing to have in God.  By this I mean — how much to you really TRUST God in you life.  Do you trust him enough to ask him for the answers to your most pressing issues and allow him to answer you (in GOD time, not necessarily in YOUR time)?  Do you even consult with GOD about your most pressing issues?  Or do you turn to him only when life is falling apart all around you?  Do you trust HIM enough to back off from trying to “fix” the situation yourself.  

I know that we all experience life struggles.  We all experience dark times in our lives.  But, if we allow ourselves to grow in our faith and actually work at building relationship with GOD you will start to see less and less trying periods.  You will start to see the miracles that God will manifest in your life.  But only YOU have the power to choose to grow in faith.  GOD doesn’t force Himself on you.  You need to go to HIM — that’s how it works folks. 

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