Believing God

I am about to complete an incredible bible study written by Beth Moore, a interdemoninational minister out of Houston, Texas.  This bible study is called Believing God.  This study goes way beyond the idea of believing in God, and speaks to our faith about believing what God has told us as identified in scripture throughout the bible. 

This eight week study program which can be taken on line if you choose , came into my life just at the exact right moment I needed it most.  Like so many of you, dear readers,  I too have my struggles in life.  I deal with the challenges of money issues, physical limitations and the bombardment of media and real life negativity that I am faced with everyday.  I use my faith in God to offset this negative impact but it is sometimes very hard to banish it completely.  It seems that the dark side of life keeps being amplified everywhere we turn. 

This study is designed to challenge how much we really do believe God’s word.  Is it just an okay philosophical way of living so that if things don’t go right we have someone to blame it on?  “Oh why did God allow this to happen”.  Or do we feel God is this superior mythical being that we must enter a designated facility (usually called a church) to make a connection with.  By entering the house of God on Sunday (or Saturday), this allows us to forget about all that religious stuff until the next weekend.  Or shall we put God in a box and just keep him there until we really need him (ie. a crisis, an emergency or a scary situation we find ourselves in). 

The essence of Believing God is knowing that He is ALWAYS there for us — we just need to talk to Him and have faith.  We can’t ignore God and pull Him out of a hat when the need strikes us, say a few prayers then wonder why HE didn’t answer our prayers exactly the way we wanted them to be answered.  Sometimes we feel that He didn’t come through for us, not knowing that His plans for us are far greater then what our simple imaginations can even concieve.  But prayers are answered in His time not ours.  The relationship we create and nurture with God is on-going.  HE wants to hear from us everyday.  HE wants to know you are grateful for everything HE has already given you.  HE wants to know that you are doing your best to live a life of integrity.  HE wants to be assured that you do love your neighbor (in His eyes each of his children is your brother) and treating your neighbor in a respectful and loving manner.  GOD doesn’t ask for much but HE does have some expectations.  His greatest expectation is that you believe Him.  That you believe HE will always be there with the best intention for you (even when sometimes that intention conflicts with what you want). 

In these days of mistrust, greed, dishonesty, disrepect and lack of self love we need to start believing God again.  We must have faith even if it is only the size of a mustard seed.  If we do have such faith and live our lives accordingly, HE will open up the floodgates of heaven (abundance) for us.  But, remember, this is a day-to-day commitment.  It’s a pretty heavy commitment – but what an incredible payoff.

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