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Our constitutional rights

I just finished reading a small excerpt where a judge in Texas banned a school district’s right to pray, say amen, even use the word “avocation” in the high school’s upcoming graduation ceremony.  How insane is that.  All I can say, dear readers, is I would not like to be sitting in that judge’s shoes […]

Is War ever Justified?

While I try to avoid any type of political commentary on my blog, there are times that history-making events occur that I feel compelled must be reference and identified in my blog.  You, dear reader, are entitled to question when such events pose opposing views to God’s Word. The following comes from the May 5, […]

Living each day as a new beginning

This blog is designed to share with you spiritual applications and the sources from which I have learned “the secrets” of an abundant and joyful life.  My intention is to help anyone who desires a better way of living to have the tools to open doors toward a more fulfilling life.