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Thanksgiving Day Four: My Financial Flow

Money is a funny subject for most.  We all claim to want more then we have, but few of us truly appreciate what we have right now.  The mentality of “not having enough” is exactly what is repelling more good, in this case money, from coming to you.  Until we can sincerely appreciate what we […]

Change your Perpective – Change your life

I just finished participating in my Making A Million Look Small class on-line and heard some incredible teachings from Bob Proctor.  If you don’t know who Bob Proctor is I would encourage you to “google” him and learn more about this amazing man.  He started from nothing, got no more then a couple years of high […]

Making a Million Look Small

There is an old adage that says “When the student is ready, the teacher will come”.  I have found that this is so very true in all aspects of life.  When someone is truly ready to make changes in their life the opportunities present themselves so that those life-alterating doors can open. I am committed […]

The Mental Acceptance of Prosperity

“Those who cannot mentally accept greater abundance never experience it. This explains why, after taking up the study of prosperous thinking, some people get results while others do not. Those who are successful in the use of the Prosperity Law of Mental Acceptance are those who: (1) dare to release the past, and (2) then […]

Financial Obligations: A critical change

How many of us look forward to seeing the bills pile up on our home office desks.  The usual reponse to receiving a bill, an obligation that we know we have to address every month, like our rent or mortgage, our cable bill, etc. that comes like clock-work each and every month, is a groan.  Our reaction to […]

The Giving Heart

I just finished reading a wonderful article in the July 5, 2010 issue of Fortune magazine.  The cover shows Bill & Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet under the heading “The $600 Billion Challenge”.  The story is about the three wealthy individuals goal to create a movement where the super wealthy of this world would commit […]

God is your Source

God is your Source.  This is the title of a chapter in Edwene Gaines book, The Four Spiritual Law of Prosperity.  I found this concept of realizing that God is the source of all good in your life very enlightening.  We get so caught up in thinking we, or others in this world, control what […]

First Law of Prosperity – Tithe: we all give back

The most important law of prosperity whether we like the idea or not is to tithe.  The word “tithe” means a tenth.  So it has been interpreted that a tenth of all money, regardless of how we obtain it (payment for work, a gift, an inheritance, a refund) must be returned back to the original source […]

Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity – An Intro

One of my most favorite speakers is a Unity Minster by the name of Rev. Edwene Gaines.  Edwene wrote a book which was later converted into an audio book by the title of “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A simple guide to Unlimited Abundance”. ( ) I found this wonderful audio book about three years […]

Financial Independence: It’s all in your head

If you search the web using the words “financial independence” you’ll find thousands of websites that are all willing to give financial planning advise.  While these businesses and consultants and planners are all very much needed, I find that until you deal with your attitude about money (the heart of the matter shall we say), […]