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Avoid Being a Slinger

One of my most favorite spiritual teachers is Joyce Meyer.  In her devotional “Starting Your Day Right” she speaks of avoiding the slingers.  I will quote from her book, “There were people in the Bible called slingers who defeated their enemies by slinging stones and throwing dirt into their wells, contaminating their life source of […]

The Truce of 1914

“It happened in the midst of the fiercest fighting of World War I.  The story most remembered was that a German soldier began singing ‘Stille Nacht’ and his solo soon became a chorus as he was joined by English voices singing ‘Silent Night’.  A British regiment serenaded the Germans with ‘The First Noel’ and the […]

A Man of Integrity

In these times of loud, obnoxious and meaningless blather that fills our world of media, we ocassionally come across of someone who is making a positive difference in this world.  One such man, who I am proud to call a friend, is Bob Votruba.  He is the creator of One Million Acts of Kindness (  […]

Thoughts about love

We all want it.  We all need it.  We all crave to have it perfect in our lives.  What am I talking about — LOVE!  But it seems that the more we crave to see love in our lives the more it seems to elude us.  I believe that the real reflection of how much […]

Pay Attention to Me

Today is October 31, 2012 and we are reeling from the aftermath that is only now being uncovered from The Storm of the Century, Sandy.  As we on the West Coast observe from media the devastation inflicted on the Eastern shoreline and all the entire East Coast, our hearts go out to our fellow men and […]

Titanic II

“Mark Wilkinson purchased a 16-foot boat for fishing and recreation.  Apparently he was not superstitious, because he christened his boat Titanic II after the ill-fated luxury ship that hit an iceberg and sank in 1912.  Titanic II’s maiden voyage out of a harbor in Dorset, England, went well.  But when Wilkinson headed back, the boat […]

The Happiness Advantage

A couple of days ago I watched a fascinating program offered on Public Broadcast Station (PBS) on a program titled: The Happiness Advantage.  A researcher on the science of positive psychology, Shawn Achor, spoke about his findings regarding the ability to experience more happiness in our lives.  Having a background in studying human behavior most of […]

Fighting off Jealousy

The following is an excerpt from OUR DAILY BREAD, a daily devotional that available free to anyone who would like to have one. “The story is told of two shopkeepers who were bitter rivals.  They spent each day keeping track of each other’s business.  If one got a customer, he would smile triumphantly at his […]

Quiet Encourager

In the July 27 devotional page of  OUR DAILY BREAD is a beautiful message on those that encourage others.  I was moved by this message and want to share this with you, dear reader. “One of the qualities I most admire in others is the gift of quiet, behind-the-scenes encouragement.  I remember arriving home from a […]

When you help others

I had a wonderful experience happen these last few weeks, one of many I often encounter.  A friend who, as so many of us are experiencing, was caught in the struggles of our economic challenging times and desparately needed to find employment.  This is not an experience that any of us have not gone through ourselves.  But it does […]