About Me: Victoria Dain

I live in Washington state but grew up in Chicago attending Catholic schools.  My foundation of faith was pretty traditional having only a marginal impact in my years as an adult.  In 1993, when life’s struggles became way too much for me to handle, I finally released trying to control everything and passed that duty to God.  Since that time I have spent each day learning and applying the “Secrets” that have made my life one of continuous joy and happiness.  I still have my share of life’s challenges but dealing with those challenges has become so much easier.  This blog is designed to share some of my daily applications and techniques that can and will help you if you choose to start applying some of them in your life.

As I write more posts to my blog you will learn more about me and the journey that I have been blessed to experience.  I encourage you, my reader, to believe that life can be filled with so many special moments and gifts.  I chose this time to create this blog because I feel life for most has become so much harder then it should be.  Please know that it doesn’t need to be that way.  Blessings to all that become readers of my blog.